Conext Business Development
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30 min - Courses & Clinical Scheduling
Spend 30 minutes with the Conext team learning about the Course and Clinical Scheduling module!
45 Minute Conext Discovery Zoom
We are excited to share our award winning product with you. In this 45 minute call we will discover your current pain points and share how Conext is helping other schools solve those same problems.
Conext Admit - Admissions CRM
We will spend one hour on Conext Admit. Conext's Admit offers the best award winning CRM in the EdTech space. Its text messaging first strategy improves communication and conversion rates. Conext fully syncs with your SIS so leads are always kept up to date and duplicates are handled before they become a problem.
Conext DocuSign Replacement
Our one hour call will focus on how Conext can eliminate DocuSign and improve your operational efficiency. Conext is more less expensive, manages reminders, provides visibility and best of all - uploads documents automatically to your student information system.
Let's Chat about Conext Intel
Learn how Intel can immediately impact your student's journey from admissions to employment.
Phone Appointment
Appointment to go over enrollment documents. On our initial phone call we will cover the programs we offer, start dates, prerequisites and costs associated with attendance.
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